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Empowering the Black community by providing a culturally responsive service which recognises individuality at every turn. BEES provides counselling, advocacy, independent advice and consultation for individuals through the provision of culturally specific support. 

About BEES

BEES is provided by a group of Black professionals and volunteers to create safe spaces to support the Black community.  Safe spaces where Black people can be heard and supported to live authentically.


Supporting people to work through past and beyond barriers is the start of the journey. The increased ability to recognise and set your own values should not be underestimated.


By accessing a culturally sensitive responsive service which deals with past and current issues we enrich and empower each individual.

Jenni the owner of BEES


Jenni is the CEO & Founder of BEES and a qualified therapist with over 20 years' experience. She has worked with diverse, intersectional communities, across London and the UK.  For Jenni and her team the formation of BEES was inevitable.

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A safe haven for the community to receive confidential counselling and receive professional support from people who understand them.  

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We can provide training, mediation and consultation on various issues affecting or relating to the black community to improve communication and understanding.

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We empower individuals and communities by offering them guidance and support in their life challenges

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Advocacy enables you to have the support of a trained professional with lived experience to consult, inform or challenge issues on your behalf, with your consent, aiming to get the result you want.

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We offer bespoke programmes of culturally sensitive workplace support commissioned by organisations for their employees. Call us to arrange a package for your staff.  



Here we have put a list of commonly asked questions for you to understand what we do.

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Our aims and objectives

Here at BEES we are here for the community and want to help people work through and past any barriers to allow them to be their best selves, set their own values and hold their lives firmly in their own hands.

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To provide a safe space and  empowering experience of counselling, advice and advocacy 

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To provide equity of support for members of the Black community

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To improve confidence in and awareness of the Black community

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BEES will enable Black people to access support, representation and counselling delivered by Black professionals with a greater understanding of cultural nuances, beliefs and attitudes. This produces better results for service users and creates honest communication in representing and advocating for them.

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Equality of access to our service is important and BEES services users will be offered a sliding scale of fees for our counselling service according to income levels.

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Find out how we can support you with our wide range of counselling services, workshops and our mentoring programs.

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